Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Moon

Hey there!

So I'm leavin on a jet plane for Vegas today! I get to go see the premiere of New Moon while I'm there and have a visit with my friend Jennie!! :D I'm so excited!

Jennie's awesome! She sent me the Twilight tin stamp set from Barnes and Noble as an early bday present! Such a fun collector's item! I opened it up right away to make her a thank you card:

Hope you are all doing great! For all you Twilight fans out there that are gonna be seeing the movie this week, have fun!! We'll all be together in spirit!! :D



Chris H. said...

can you pppplllleeeaaasssee post a linky to that stamp set...I cannot get it to pull up on the website...and I have to have that edward face!

cheiron said... to have that set. What a fabulous card! Have fun with Jennie!

Tisha said...

OME!! That is amazing!! Hope you girls have a blast!! Take care!

Anonymous said...

There's a stamp set? SHUT UP!
That's cool!
Jessica and I are seeing it together on Saturday, too.

Jennie M said...

You know I LOVE this card!! Can't wait to see you!! :)

june said...

why did i not know of these stamps?!!