Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hi Everyone!!

Merry Christmas to you!! I hope you're all enjoying the season and keeping warm!

I wanted to share a couple more pics of the snow we've gotten here:

This a view of our back yard. It's a tiny yard, but pretty easy to maintain!

This next pic is of my daughter with the snowman that she and a neighbor boy made. So cute!!

And this last one is a shot of all 3 of my kids outside:

It's really quite amazing for us to have so much snow and BEFORE Christmas. We don't call it an "Evergreen Christmas" here for nothing. This year we actually get to say we've had a White one!!

I wish you all the best!

Hugs and blessings!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Hi Everyone!! Long time no post. I have a feeling it'll be few and far between for the next couple weeks, but I'll try to pop in at least once a week to say Hi! I've had a yucky cold this past week or so and we've been snowed in!

Pretty much all week we've had off an on snow storms come through and I think there are more in the forecast this weekend or Monday. The kids have been home from school and I've been watching my neighbors kids as well. It's been a bit crazy! My youngest daughter actually got bored at one point and decided to decorate the house. She even decided to add pencil eraser toppers to the bottom of our candy canes on our tree!! Too funny!

Anyway, I have some cards to share. I made a couple more gift card holders ala Jennie!! :D

So, I have many blonde moments throughout the year and it sometimes bubbles over into my stamping. I originally did the top penguin GC Holder and thought it was so cute, but realized it's not really a penguin, it's a Chubby Bird, so I made some more and turned it into a Robin instead. I just like the color combo better on the top one. But, it's all good, no worries.

I hope you're all doing great and keeping warm. I still haven't completed my Christmas cards! I think I'm gonna go light and just send to close family and friends this year. I worry and stress myself out too much about Christmas cards and I don't think that's what it's all about! If I could I'd send one to everyone I know!

Belssings to you!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nordy's inspired


I have a card to share today that was inspired from a recent Nordstrom's catalog. I was thumbing through it and came a cross some cute little pictures so I tore some out to keep in my inspiration book. Here's the inspiration pic:

And here's the card inspired by it:

It was fun to recreate that look with A Muse stamps!! :D I love how versatile these stamps are, that you can use them in so many ways to create different looks and scenes!

(All stamps, papers and ribbon used on this card are by A Muse Artstamps)

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, December 5, 2008

VMAA - Bonus Challenge

Hey there! One last challenge for the night! Our bonus challenge is to make a card inspired by your favorite holiday movie. It's tough to pick a fave, but one of the funniest ones to me is Elf!

Here's what I made:

The layout came from Taylored Expressions blog, cupcake challenge number 44. I was surprised at how quickly it came together with all those layers. Layouts are always the toughest for me. If I can start with a layout in mind and know what stamps I want to use, then they'll come together easily for me. It's subtle, but I used the A Muse Cityscape stamp for the background behind the main panel.

Thanks so much for hanging out and hopefully playing along with us tonight!!

Many, many more hugs and blessings to all of you!

VMAA - Home Alone

Our 4th challenge is hosted by Jennie and is inspired by the movie Home Alone.

Her challenge is to make a card that reminds you of your holidays when you were a kid. Anything that was special to you, traditions, smells, foods, gifts, people, places, anything you want! This gave me lots of options, but the thing I remember most was decorating the house and putting up mistletoe! I was fascinated with it and made a huge deal out of people standing under the mistletoe and insisted they had to be kissed!! Of course, I stood under there often begging for kisses!! :D Here's what I made:

Yes, that is supposed to be green shag carpet on the card! :D I'm so sorry my photos are all washed out tonight. Not sure what I did wrong with them.

Lots n lots of hugs and blessings!

VMAA - Scrooged

Our 3rd challenge tonight is hosted by me and is based on the movie Scrooged.

The challenge is taken from the scene in the movie where the guy on stage tells Frank he's having trouble gluing the antlers on the mouse and Frank tells him to try staples!! Too funny! Your challenge is to create a card using staples somewhere on it. Here's my sample:

I thought it would be appropriate to use a mouse and a deer image on this card since the scene had to do with antlers! The sentiment is just the icing on the cupcake!! :D I decided to use these green Making Memories staples in a crisscross pattern.

I hope you're enjoying the challenges!!

VMAA - Polar Express


Our second challenge tonight is hosted by Geeta and is inspired by the movie The Polar Express.

Her challenge is to make a Wintery card that's mostly blue and white with lots of glitter!! Here's what I made:

Not sure I got the mostly blue and white part, but I did do blue and white as the base! :D The main image is stamped on shimmery white cardstock and I made a glittery border around the main image. There's also glitter all over the snowflakes and polka dots!

Thanks for joining us tonight!

More Hugs,

VMAA - A Christmas Story

Hey! Happy Friday everyone! Does everybody know what time it is???.....Link

Tool Time!!!!!!


No, not really, it's VMAA time!! Virtual Meeting of the A*Muse Addicts!!!

Our theme this time around is It's A Wonderful Life and is inspired by our favorite holiday movies.

The first challenge is hosted by Michelle and is inspired by the movie A Christmas Story.

Her challenge is to create a holiday card for a child. This should be an easy one, there are so many cute A Muse images to choose from. I had a tough time deciding, but went easy and made this:

It's almost impossible to see, but I stamped the A Muse Lots of Flakes background on the blue band an added white dots to the centers with a gel pen. I also added stardust pen along the edges of the Snow Angels and along the edge where the blue and white portions meet.

I hope you all have fun playing along with us tonight!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Not that innocent...

Are you ready for one of my silly cards? I'm sure you'll need to be able to understand my humor to get it:

I was looking at this Yoga girl stamp wondering what I could do with her and decided that if you turn her on her side, she looks like she's slipping. Then I got to thinking, I wonder what she could slip on??? Not exactly sure why the margarita glass came to mind, but I'm thinking this works!!! One too many drinks maybe?? :D You'll have to forgive my attempt at a spill, Victoria and I decided it looks like a slug!!! LOL!! Anyway, this was a just for fun card, playing around and seeing what I could come up with!

This next card I made for Victoria cuz she got me a super sweet birthday gift!! We've gone stamp shopping together at Impress and she remembers me pointing out the Inchie goodies and saying I thought they were cute and wanted to try them but am too cheap to buy little one inch chipboards!! So, for my birthday, she gave me a GORGEOUS card and a little gift bag filled with Inchie notecards (12 Inchie Notes and notecards), Inchie papers, Inchie Squares and this adorable Lockhart cup!!! So, I made her a Thank You card using a little bit of all the goodies she gave me:

The picture is a bit blurry, but I thought I'd post it anyway. THANK YOU SO MUCH VICTORIA!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! Friday night is the next A Muse Addicts Virtual stamp party (VMAA). I hope you'll be able to join us!

Blessings to you,

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Winter Cards


I haven't gotten around to making any Christmas cards yet, but I have managed to make some Winter cards to get me going. I made this first card last week while stamping with Victoria:

(All stamps, papers and Twinkle Stickers used on this card are by A Muse Artstamps, snowflake punch by Marvy, Inks are Memento and Copics)

I got the layout from OZ-Somestamps blog, I just reversed it. Her blog is fabulous and always has super cute, simple sketches to be inspired from. I subscribe to her blog and get email updates. Unfortunately I don't always have time to play or post comments, but when I saw this layout I knew I needed to try it. It also qualifies for Glenda's weekly challenge on her blog to use 3 of something on a card (snowflakes, in case you weren't sure! :D I know I'm a snot!!)

This next card I made awhile back for a card class I did at my church. I was inspired by a card from A-muse-a-palooza last year done with a mod dot notecard and this penguin with the sparkly Creative Candy clear epoxy sticker.

(All stamps and paper used on this card are by A Muse Artstamps as well as epoxy sticker and ribbon. Palette Hybrid Ink, SU Soft Sky ink, Copic Markers, Iridescent glitter and dimensional tape also used.)

Hopefully I can get my rear in gear and start working on my Christmas cards for this year! Aaack! I don't know why I don't feel motivated to make them yet.


Friday, November 28, 2008

A Good Thanksgiving

Hey there!

Are you all stuffed yet??? What a great Thanksgiving it's been so far. We're stretching it out and celebrating all weekend, as it should be! I can't believe how much I've eaten this past week with my birthday and Thanksgiving, my hips are thanking me for sure!! :D

I just wanted to do a quick post of a Thanksgiving card I made last week.

(All stamps and papers used on this card are by A Muse Artstamps)

And last but not least:

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey be plump
May your potatoes & gravy
Have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious
& your pies take the prize
May your Thanksgiving dinner
stay off of your thighs!

Make it a good one!!

Hugs and blessings to you,

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Alpine Hut

Hey! Happy Hump Day! The day before Thanksgiving, already!!

Since my good friend Victoria has gone back to work we don't get to have play dates too often anymore, but thankfully, she got this week off of work and we got to hang out and stamp together yesterday!! She made some super cute cards and I worked on a couple as well. One of the cards I made is this one:

One of the stamp of the week challenges this week on A Muse Addicts is the Alpine Hut which I love but hadn't inked up yet!! When I look at that stamp, it makes me think of Leavenworth, this cute little Belgian town in the Mountains, so I decided to make a little town with it. Victoria had this fun "Snow in a bottle" that she let me use for the mountain tops. It was strange stuff, kinda like drywall putty with sand in it, pretty gritty. I added some Martha Stewart crystal fine glitter over the top of it. (All stamps and papers used on this card are from A Muse Artstamps)

I hope to post a Turkey day card tomorrow but in case I'm not able to carve time out to post, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I'm definitely thankful for my online community of friends, you're all a blessing to me!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award

Hey there! Happy Monday!!

The ever so sweet Giovana nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award over a week ago and I've been so busy being un-Kreativ that I forgot to play!! :D LOL! Whoever created this award did a great job, it's so purty!

Here are the rules:
~The winner may put the logo on their blog
~Put a link to the person who sent you the award
~Nominate 5 blogs
~Put links to their blogs
~Leave a message for your nominees

And the nominees are (I've always wanted to say that!):

And one more cuz she just started a blog and it's already fabulous:

All of these gals have wonderful inspiring A Muse ideas to share and are just all around good peeps!!! :D If I could I'd nominate ALL my blog friends cuz you're all creative and inspire me so much!

I finally got around to playing with my A Muse Cupcake clear set!! :D

This cupcake reminds me of the ones Cindy made at the A Muse Cupcake social!! I heard those cupcakes were delicious, but I was too busy runnin around doin stuff I didn't take time to stop and try one!! I did get her recipe for the frosting on the A Muse Addicts site and tried making some last night. The frosting didn't turn out half bad especially considering I don't have the right kind of mixer for it, but I completely overcooked the cupcakes and they were dry as can be!!! (I'm so not a great baker!) I accidentally turned off the timer to time something else and forgot I was using it for the cupcakes already!!! Eeek!! I seem to be having more blonde moments lately?? Maybe that comes with age?? Is it too early for that?? :D

Have a wonderful day!!!


Robin's Birthday

Happy Friday everyone!!

Today is a special day, it's my niece's 12th birthday!! :D Unfortunately she lives a few hours away so I don't get to see her on her big day.

I thought I'd share part of her gift and card I made:

This gift was so fun to do!! My A Muse Addict friend Ingrid was so sweet and sent a tin like this to my daughter for her birthday and she LOVES it and uses it everyday. I thought, what little girl wouldn't want one of these?? It's like a build your own earring kit! It has a base pair of ear wires and a bunch of random earrings to attach to them. I just went through my bead stash and made a bunch of different earrings I thought she might like. I decorated the tin super simple with silver embossing powder which I had seen done a year or so ago, I think on Sarah and the Stampstars blog, and added a simple band around it with her initial. Her favorite color is lime green, so that's where I started for the band and card.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

I hope all you local gals will be able to stop by the A Muse shop tomorrow for the Grand Re-opening celebration!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Judie's wedding

Hello! Long time no post, eh?? :D

It's been a CRAZY couple of weeks! A Muse instructor training, sick kids, My son's birthday and my computer crashed about a week ago! I just got it back last night so I haven't been doing my normal internet browsing lately.

My long time friend from junior high got married last month in Hawaii and had her Wedding reception locally last weekend for all of us who weren't fortunate enough to attend her special day in paradise. I worked on wedding favors and Thank You cards for her. She had them at each place setting, the Thank You's were folded in the white linen napkins. It looked beautiful.

Here's a pic of what we made:

And here's the card I made for her:

I was so excited when I saw Jennie's awesome gift card holder that I knew I had to make one. She's been with her Hubby for several years now and has 2 kids with him, so I figured a gift card would be better for them to decide what they need rather than me getting them something to clutter up their house that they won't use.

Thanks for stopping by today. Hopefully I'll be able to post a bit more in the next few weeks before Christmas.

Hope all is well!

Hugs and blessings to you!