Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Many Crafty Blessings

I've got to be the most blessed girl I know!! In the past couple months I have gotten so many RAK's from online friends, it's amazing. Here is a collection of many of the RAKs I've received, for your viewing pleasure!

I got this first set of cards a couple days ago from some of my fellow A Muse addicts for my birthday (coming up this Saturday.) Superwoman by Karen Van DeWalle, It's Your Day Window Card by Rachel Baird (a fellow LOSTie sister too!), Margarita by Janice Spry, Birdie Scene by MJ Weston.

The 2nd set here are more A Muse Addicts birthday cards that I received yesterday. Flower Cart by Riza Almanza, Birthday Cakes by Marcia Butler, Flower Drinks by MissConnie Heitner, and Happy Birthday (view finder card) by none other than JULIE EBERSOLE!!

These are birthday RAKs from my wonderful LOSTie sisters on SCS!! Pumpkins by Barb Hahn, Huggybellas by Suzanne Karns, Penguin by Tammi Buck, Cupcakes (pocket card) by Justine Wogsland, Fuzzy Bee by Alyson Levin.

This beautiful bunch of Stamp Shop cards are from my fellow FAB 4 mods in the A Muse Addicts Yahoo group. They all banded together and sent me thank you cards using the Stamp Shop from A Muse. Top left card by Geeta Suggs, top right card by Michelle Clark, bottom center by Jennie Moczan.

The cards in this photo are Bumper RAK cards from the A Muse Addicts Yahoo group, the Treasure Chest and Gerber Daisy cards are both from Jennie Moczan, Marcus card by Sandee Horsch, Sniffer Dog card by Kim Linley :D.

This last photo shows some general RAK's and thank you cards from my fellow A Muse Addicts. Elvis card by Lexi Daly, Butterfly with Dots by Cathie Relf, Tree with Park Bench by Edie Faulhaber (also a fellow LOSTie sister), Friend card by Rachel Baird, Bird on Branch by Kim Linley, Hula Girl by Katie Kibbe, Moochas Grassias by Courtney Crosby.

I have recieved a few other RAKs too including some adorable ATC's by Kelly Hardwick but have most of my cards all mixed up in a bin and can't remember what are from swaps and what are RAKs! Sorry!

Thank you everyone for your kindness! You have no idea how you've touched my life and blessed me. This Thanksgiving, one of the things I'm very thankful for are the amazing groups of women I've met online and have formed instant friendships with due to our love of stamping and other common interests!

I know this is a day early, but Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of you!! Many blessing to you!


CraftyEngineer said...

Wow! Rhonda, no one deserves them more than you!

Jen said...

Woah- those are great! TFS! And Happy almost Birthday ;)

Nancy said...

OMG....Look at all of those cards!! How fun!! Thank you so much for sharing all of them. I love the variety!! You ROCK girl!!

lexi said...

looks like fun--and you definitely deserve it!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope my card made it in time for your birthday Rhonda - hope it was GREAT just like you!!!!
LOSTie Debbie