Sunday, November 25, 2007

More BRAKs!!! :D

Thanks you so much everyone for your birthday wishes, this has been a truly amazing birthday!!! It is so overwhelming all the love I have received, I'm very grateful for your thoughtfulness! Here are a TON more Birthday RAK cards I've received in the past few days!!

These are a collection of beautiful BRAKs from my LOSTie sisters on SCS. Happy card with circles by Jess Colligan, pink and brown Bella card by Colleen Wold, Chickie on Presents card by Cindy Karasz, Fall Trees card by Debbie Stein, PresentaBella card by Anna Fiebelkom, Snappy Birthday card by Kim O'Rosky :D, Cute Chick card by Tracy Houston!

This Lovely assortment here is from a group of friends I'd like to call the FAB 5 for purposes of this post!! 5 very sweet and generous friends of mine from the A Muse Addicts Yahoo group sent these wonderful cards and gifts! Favorite Peeps card and Starbucks Giftcard from Geeta Suggs, Present with hearts card, penguin bandaid tin with Starbucks giftcard and mini notecards inside from Jennie Moczan, Sweet Birthday Cake card and 4 mini clear stamp sets from Novell Eckstrom, Cafe Card with purse giftcard holder and Starbucks giftcard from Michelle Clark and Circle Presents card with Starbucks giftcard from Katie Stilwater.

Some BRAKs from my fellow A Muse Addicts friends: Coffee card by Ann Ito, You're cool (penguins) by Doris Garvey, Mermaid card is a mystery, not sure who it's from, someone special in CT!! :D Scalloped oval bday cake card by Jen Daloisio, Book Shop card by Nancy Floyd, Happy Birthday cake card by Teresa Ehteshami, Happy Autumn card by Elaine Yang.

More BRAKs from my A Muse Addict friends: happy Birthday suspension card by Tracy Clemente, Bird-day Chief card by Katie Kibbe, Skating Girl card by Dawn Stein, Little Ladies polka dot card by Amanda Beers, You're cool penguin card by Edie Faulhaber who is also one of my special LOSTie sisters too! Happy Brrrthday penguins by Kim Linley, Sweet Makenna card by Nancy Pope.
Even more BRAKs from my A Muse Addict friends: Mouse card by Wanda Gerhardt, Girl with flowers card by Jo Ann Fannon, Balloons card by Donna Gotsch, Hot Diggity Dog folded card by Diane McVey.

These are some beautiful BRAKs from some sweet SCS ladies. The first card is from Linda (Studbo), the middle card is from Kim Kowal, the last one is from Mary Alice (hot4teacher).

Thank you again everyone for all the love!! You're the best!!


Katie said...

Wow! Thanks for posting all the beautiful cards, I've been dying to see them! We love you, girlie!!

Kim said...

Feel the luv girl! WOW this is a great collection of birthday cards!!!!

Michelle Clark said...

WOW your poor mailman!! Thanks for sharing all the cards!

Nancy said...

WOW.....How much fun! I'm so glad you shared the cards with all of us. Everyone made such cute cards & it's fun to look at all of them! You are so loved ;)!!!

lexi said...

so fun to see all the love that came your way! how much fun did you have checking the mail every day?!