Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Victoria!

It's my good friend Victoria's birthday today so I wanted to be sure to spread the word and give her a shout out! I'm so blessed to have met her this past year and so excited for her to have gotten over the hurtles and struggles she's had with cancer this past year. If you're feeling up to it please visit her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday!!

Here's the birthday card I made for her:

She's a French Fanatic!!! Love's all things having to do with France so this Eiffel Tower stamp by A Muse was my first thought for a fitting birthday card for her. I hope she liked it.

This next picture is kinda silly, but I wanted to share it anyway!! My kids were sitting at the table eating lunch a couple weeks ago and my daughter was talking about squirrels outside and went into this elaborate story about what if there was a Santa Squirrel and he went around to everyones houses and left them each a nut! I thought it was too cute so I decided to make each of my kids one of these 2 cube boxes decorated with the A Muse Squirrel with a walnut inside. I thought it was so clever, but my kids didn't think it was as cute as I did. They're not too fond of walnuts and were disappointed that was all that was inside the box!! LOL! I had to explain my reasoning and that it was just for fun.

And, last but not least,


I'm so excited to have had a card featured on the A Muse blog yesterday! This is the card that got featured, using the Bubbly stamp:

I hope you all had a fun, safe New Year's Eve! May your year be blessed!!



Dawn said...

Oh, Rhonda, we are all lucky to know you. Fabulous cards and those nuts, they are the best!!! Too funny!

Joyce said...

super cute cards, Rhonda, as always! Happy New Year!

jenstamps said...

Your birthday card is awesome!!! I love the story of the Santa squirrel too cute! I would have made boxes of nuts for my kids too. LOL And your New Years card is very classy!

Victoria said...

I didn't check your blog until tonight, so had no idea you posted about me yesterday! I LOVED the birthday card you made me! It's my all time favorite!! Thanks for coming over today, for the yummy pizza lunch (I think I nearly killed a few people at the gym with my garlic breath tonight), and for the beautiful earrings and necklace! You are so talented. Thanks for being the sweet friend that you are!

Jennie M said...

Love both cards and the box! Everything you create is adorable! Happy New Year to you!! Hugs! :)