Friday, February 13, 2009


Hi there! Long time no post!! We were out of town for a few days last week for the funeral which was very nice, so glad we were able to attend, then we got home and have been dealing with a sick DD and now myself! No fun. I have been stamping a bit and making Valentine's goodies, but the cards I've been making are for upcoming classes, so I can't share them :( sorry. I'll post the VDay goodies tomorrow though. For today I thought I'd catch up and share some jewelry I made recently:

This necklace and earrings set was for my mom for her birthday. These are definitely her colors, so I think she was pretty happy with them. The next picture is a bracelet that my 7 yr old daughter designed for my mom (her grandma) for her birthday as well and I finished it up for her and made some earrings to match.

These are a couple of gift boxes I made to put them in. We've been making all kinds of adorable make-n-takes at the A Muse shop each week, both of these boxes were templates we used at the shop. The first one, not sure what it's called, is kinda like a french fry box, it folds over in the front. The second one is a nugget box and please pardon the ribbon! I attempted to make a ribbon blossom from the tutorial on SCS but it didn't work so well! I would recommend using sheer ribbon or at least a thinner ribbon than the stitched grosgrain I used.

This next picture is a set I made for my sister for her birthday. She's a Vegan and a very earthy girl, so I wanted to do something that looks kinda natural. I just sent it down to her so I haven't heard if she got it or likes it or not, but hopefully she will.

I made this next set for myself. I love the bracelet, just not sure I'm too crazy about the earrings. I may redo them and just use one bead on each one so they're not too big.

And these last two pairs of earrings were just for fun, playing around with my beads. The bottom heart beads were a gift from my mama, I just got to turn them into earrings.

Happy Friday to all of you! Enjoy your weekend!



Michelle Clark said...

Wow Rhonda, I love your jewelry. I didn't know you were doing this. I keep seeing all the pretty beads, but really can't afford a new hobby.

Dawn said...

You have been so busy! Your jewelry is beautiful! I love making bracelets and earrings too.

Jennie M said...

WOW!! Rhonda, these are gorgeous! My mom is really into jewelry making so I am going to send your blog to her so she can see all of these beautiful pieces!!

Oma said...

Beautiful pieces. I've done a bit of beading as well but have not mastered earrings as yet.

Joyce said...

your jewelry is so pretty, Rhonda! I used to bead also but I gave it up for stamping.....I just didn't have the time or space for both but I loved it. You do awesome work!

Rose said...

What beautiful work! I really love your color selection!

cheiron said...

Beautiful jewelry Rhonda! I knew your cards were fabulous, but so is your every piece!

JenMarie said...

WOW, beautiful jewelry!!!!