Thursday, February 19, 2009

New 4-bar notes


It's me. I know I seem to say this often, but I sure am in a weird stamping funk lately!! The inspiration is there and I keep jotting down notes of things that spark ideas, but when I sit down to stamp either I can't get it to translate to paper or I'm just not thrilled with the results.

On our road trip down to California for the funeral I got tons of inspiration and I have several pages in my little notebook of ideas and things to try but I may need to wait a week or so to do them! Here are a couple ideas I did manage to work on though, using the new Lime band 4-bar notecards!

I used the Trees 2 clear stamp set for this one, sponged the sky and grass with chalk inks and used the Rosie's Roadshow cloud stencil (I love that thing even though I'm still getting the hang of using it).

This did not turn out very close to what I had intended!! I originally wanted to do a barn with a farm house and 3 trees on the path, but all the trees I had were too big for what I needed and these "trees" (from the Trees 1 clear set) are a little small so I added more. I used the Tall House stamp from A Muse and masked off the bottom half of the house to make it the right proportion on here. I made the field stripes by adhering Eclipse tape and then sponging the areas that weren't covered with tape. The mountain was an experiment for me. I basically used the faux tearing technique and then drew in the outline. I was gonna leave it without the line but it seemed to be missing something when I did that.

On a different note, I made a couple of YUMMY recipes last night and thought I'd share links!! I made an Iranian Rice dish that I had been craving for awhile now and boy was it delicious??? It has tons of dill in it so I think it's addictive, you can't stop eating it, want to go back for more and more!! It's a cool recipe cuz when it's all done cooking, it makes a crusty layer of rice on the bottom of the pan and when you flip it over onto a dish you've got all the softer rice underneath and a delicious crispy layer of rice on top!! Sorry I don't have pics to share! I also made an Indian simmer sauce with a tomato base, Indian spices, chicken and chickpeas to go with it, but I don't have a recipe for that, just added a bunch of ingredients to get what I wanted. Then for dessert I made baked S'Mores!!! This recipe was super easy and completely delicious, I'm sure I'll make it often!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!!



Dawn said...

The sky and the coloring of your trees is inspired! You make the best cards even when you feel you are in a slump!

iott said...

Rhonda, I love these cards, and I really love to hear how you puzzled through the sticky spots. I often have issues with scale of images vs. card size. Rosie's cloud template was one of my first stamping purchases and I still use it all the time - I adore it! Your cards reminded me of when we lived in SoCal - they are beautiful. Now I need to check out your recipes!

cheiron said...

Love that cloud template. I wish there was a demo. Both of your cards are great. Love the house one where the lawn looks "freshly mowed" pretty.

june said...

i love what you did with the house, it looks like a little irish cottage.

mtfalco said...

Love the colored clouds! Students in my classes always find the nifty cloud technique fun. And it's so easy, I just hand cut my own stencil! love the cards!

Joyce said...

Cute cards! I love that cloud stencil and can't believe I don't own it (gasp!). It's nice to know I'm not the only one that gets in a slump. Your designs always inspire me!