Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope you're all wearing green! If not, consider yourself pinched! :D

I don't usually do much for St. Patty's Day, mostly cuz I don't believe in luck, but I think Ireland looks like a beautiful place and I do think it's fun to see how many things we can make green for the day and make a good Corned Beef and cabbage dinner.

I made these little shamrocks this morning for my kids plus a couple extras to have on hand for the day.

They were super quick, I made them before they left for school and put them in their lunch boxes with a little note on the back.

I was inspired to make a card last night. Not sure it turned out how I expected, I think I missed the mark on the sentiment:

I was inspired by Peter Rabbit stories. I was trying to think of how to incorporate clovers and bunnies and the idea of a spilled pot stuck out. Then I thought it would be cute if the pot was his little home. Although, the idea of the sentiment is not to have a small house necessarily, but lots of friends to fit in whatever size home you have. I was also thinking about the fact that bunnies multiply so quickly and that this little guy would have tons of friends. Maybe I shoulda made the pot bigger and added a bunch of bunnies all over!! LOL! Oh well. I used brown fun flock for the dirt, a tiny pom pom for the bunny tail and Lime Green Stickles on the clovers.

Last but not least, here's a delicious Glazed Corned Beef recipe that we've used in our family since I was a kid. Not sure where the recipe came from, but it's DELICIOUS!! The glaze makes the top layer of the corned beef taste like candy with a tang!! I'm super picky about my meats, so I always cut off as much of the fat on the corned beef as I can. I'm sure it takes away flavor, but it just icks me out!! :D

Glazed Corned Beef

3 lbs corned beef
1 cup Dark Orange Marmalade
4 Tbsp Dijon Mustard
4 Tbsp Brown Sugar

Boil water in large pot, add corned beef, simmer for 3 hours. Preheat oven to 350 degrees, mix marmalade, mustard and sugar. Glaze corned beef, bake for 30 mins or until glaze is crisp and browned.

Have a fantastic day!!!

Hugs and blessings,


Nancy said...

HI Rhonda!! Yep, got my green on! :) Happy St. Patty's Day to you!! Your card is very creative & cute!!

Thank you so much for sharing your recipe!! Someone at work today was talking about having some corned beef that was fixed similar to this and I had never heard of it being fixed that way before, but it sounds delicious!! I might have to pick up another one just to try it out. I purchase a "round" variety this year which I guess is a better cut & it has hardly ANY fat on it compared to other varieties I have purchased in the past. I'll be curious to see how the flavor is. I'm just cooking mine in the crock pot though. Have a great day!!

Dawn said...

Your kids are so lucky to have you for a mom! So thoughtful and crafty. Bet they loved the notes you attached to your shamrocks.

nina seven said...

thanks, rhonda...for all your nice comments, i appreciate them all! we still have some lingering sadness over the cheerleading thing, but everyday gets a little better. luckily she has track practice to take her mind off of it. she's going to be a pole vaulter! i'll pop in some sat soon to see ya!

Debbie said...

What a sweet thing for you to do for your kids. They must have smiled from ear to ear when they saw those. I think your sentiment is perfect on your bunny card. Your thought process was very funny and I totally get what you were thinkin'...I think it's perfect!! I love your brown bunny.

Frozenstamper said...

Rhonda! How sweet to have made those little shamrocks for your kids! I love your card! It's fun to think someone else is inspired by stories! The other day I was reading "Country Bunny" enjoying the ideas! I love the brown flocking! Such a cute, cute card!

cheiron said...

Love your shamrocks!!! My mom used to always leave us treats like this for every holiday...brings back great memories! Love your bunny card too!

Laura said...

Love the bunny card! The grass looks so good. Also love how you used the patterned paper for the bunny.

Novell said...

Oh my gosh! What an adorable card!

Linda Beeson said...

Adorable little bunny and cute saying.

Glenda said...

Rhonda - the card is fantastic! I love it...totally adorable.

jenstamps said...

How adorable are those shamrocks!!! Your bunny card is too cute to!

Jennie M said...

Super cute Rhonda!! I absolutely *love* the shamrocks!! I will be making those next year for sure!! The card is adorable too, you are so creative!! Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, your card is too cute! And well the shamrocks are just clever! Miss you!