Friday, December 21, 2007

Gift Tags

I made a bunch of gift tags, using the Tags for All set by Stampin' Up! I gave a few little bundled up packages to some of my customers who placed orders this month then I kept a bunch of tags to have on hand to put on presents this year. I also stamped out one sheet of Avery labels using the long skinny stamps in the set, they fit perfect. Then I cut up the sheet into 6 equal pieces and put one piece in each of the gift bags.

Only 4 days left until Christmas! (and I'm not even done with my shopping or project making yet!!! Tick Tock!!) :D


Kim said...

Dang it Rhonda, now I have to get that punch. I've been talking myself out of it until now!!!! These are adorable. I love making my own tags!

The Wold Family said...

Rhonda -
Before I knew you I did not believe in Super Woman. Now I know she exists!!! YOU ARE HER!!! You are just blowing me away by all these projects you are doing AND with a family to take care of too!
I just know you have some magical powers! Please share! :)

jennie m said...

I LOVE these!! You are such an inspiration to me! Everything you touch is gold! :)

Nancy said...

WOW...I wish I could keep up with you. You are so sweet to make up all of these handmade gifts for people! I'm sure your customers were tickled pink with these!! Happy Holidays!