Friday, December 14, 2007

A Muse CD Calendars

I've been making a bunch of projects this week, aren't we all?? :D  I made several of these cute A Muse calendars to give to teachers and some friends.  I shoulda just stamped the images in color rather than black and then color them in because it took awhile to make them, but I just like the look of colored in images better, so it's worth it to me.

Here are January thru April

May thru August

and September thru December.

It was fun going thru my A Muse stamp collection and deciding which stamps to use for each month.  Great to be able to use so many stamps on one project, makes me feel good about my stamp investments!! :D  

I had the toughest time with the month of July though!!!  I'm still annoyed with it!!  I thought I originally had a brilliant idea to do fireworks with the Eiffel Tower cuz I know I've seen fireworks at the Eiffel Tower on TV before.  So I stamped out all 10 of the July months with that theme, looked super cute I might add.  Then, duh, it hits me, that's New Year's, not 4th of July!!!  4th of July is a US holiday, they don't celebrate it in France!!  It was a blonde moment. So I ended up reprinting them and starting over.  Now, at first glance, the month of July looks just fine, right?  Summer, camping, fireworks, fun, at least that was my original thought.  After stamping them out and taking a closer look, it looks like the 3 of them are up to no good in that tent with the fireworks above!! :D  Yes, I know, my mind wanders often!!  But, I'm not about to redo them, so they're just gonna have to be naughty calendars!! :D

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Nicole said...

EXCELLENT JOB here with the A Muse Calendar! I love all of the stamp selections you used. How many did you make?? Wow, these are great. Hope you are well - so busy on my side, can't wait to get together again soon! I need a break from winter break :)

Jen said...

LOL! You are too funny! 1st of all, it took me awhile to understand that there's no fireworks at the Eiffel Tower- duh! And 2nd, I definitely didn't think about the tent until you said that too ;)
These look beautiful! I've been dying to do my calendar project!

Nancy said...

Hi Rhonda!! You are too funny. I think July looks perfect just the way it is. I just love these calendars!! You did such a FABULOUS job on these!! I have not been able to make any since my printer is not printing so well right now. :(

Where did you find the CD cases at? I'm having a heck of a time finding the standard size ones. It seems like all I can find is the slim kind, and those won't work.

Tisha said...

These look awesome!! I never would have thought anything about the tent ... they look great!! I'd also love to know what kind of cases you are using!! You are amazing!! How do you do it all???

Tracy said...

AWESOME job Rhonda!! You've inspired me to finish mine now. LOL! All of your stamp choices are excellent. I love them all, especially July's. I imagine being inside the tent looking up throught the skylite at the fireworks. =)

Jennie M. said...

You are such an inspiration! These look awesome and what a fabulous gift! And by the way, July is my favorite of the months! I think it looks perfect!

scoopy (Emily) said...

Looks great! I've been working on one of these too for my mom. You rock to have made a whole stack of them!

Tobey Shepherd said...

Love the calenders Rhonda!! You are just tooo funny!! I think it could be a family tenting out so that wouldn't be naughty!! LOL!! what beautiful presents to given Rhonda!!

janice said...

Rhonda, that is soooo funny (July, that is). The calendars look great. You've inspired me. I copied them but haven't made anything yet.


CraftyEngineer said...

Awesome calendars!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE it!! absolutely adorable...and July is perfect with the cute tent!


my blog:

carole (TruCarMa) said...

So, so wonderful, Rhonda! What lucky teachers!!

melissa said...

the calendar looks great---so impressed that you made bunches of them!! i need to get myself in gear!

iott said...

Your calendars are goregous and you really cracked my with the afternoon delight in the tent. Thanks for sharing your darling project!

JULIE said...

WOW! These are awesome, Rhonda! SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!