Saturday, April 19, 2008


Are you all having a fun weekend so far? Ours is going pretty good, a bit out of the ordinary though, the Seattle area has been hit with a snow storm, very odd for this time of year! Doesn't seem right to see flowers in bloom, covered with snow! My kids are lovin' the pretty snow though.

This post is long over due! A couple weeks ago, we had a LOSTie Secret Sister reveal and with all the craziness of life, I didn't get around to posting pictures! My LOSTie Sisters on SCS are amazing, so talented and generous, such a great group to be a part of. My assigned sister was Rachel from Hope Stamps Eternal. She's the one who created my wonderful blog banner and just a great friend!

Since LOST is filmed in Hawaii, I tried to go with an island theme for the gifts and just some fun ideas. I got this super cute clear stamp set from Stampendous called Sassy Silhouettes and a few of the Skyscapes stamps to go with it. Very fun stamps but I'll need to play around with them a bit more, they're not my typical style of stamps to work with.

Here are some pics of the gifts I sent to her, the first group is of the handmade items: an altered picture frame with a pic of Sayid in it (one of her fave characters from LOST), a decorated box of NORI!! :D, an altered letter R, altered wood blocks that say LOST on one side and FOUND on the other, a clear top tin with some goodies inside, an altered wood egg which I turned into a LOST Easter Egg, a clear envie photo album filled with pictures of Desmond (one of her other fave characters from the show) and a Starbucks giftcard holder.

The next picture is all the goodies put together, handmade and store bought.

The last picture is of the awesome goodies I received from my LOSTie sister Edie!! She's so sweet and spoiled me rotten! She also sent me a super cute cupcake clear stamp set by Inkadinkado that she had sent separately, ordered from the Hope Stamps Eternal online store. Ok, I'll stop blabbing! Just wanted to share these fun goodies!!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!
~Rhonda :D


Nancy said...

WOW...Rachel is a lucky gal!! You did an AWESOME job on all of her handmade items! I want to try making some of those blocks sometime....I think they are just the coolest! You are SO very talented Rhonda!! Edie looks like she showered you with all kinds of fun goodies too. How fun....TFS! Have a happy rest of your weekend & enjoy the wacky weather. It's been snowing here to, but nothing that has been sticking. Hugs!

Kim said...

Wow Rhonda you spoiled her rotten. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lost blocks. I just might have to "borrow" that idea :)

Jennie M said...

WHOA!! I love what you made here!! Wow!! I love the colors and every single thing you made! Those blocks are so cool! You received such fun stuff too! Funny to hear it snowed there, my kids were swimming in the pool today!!

Novell said...

Wow! You guys sure spoil each other rotten! What fun!

jenstamps said...

Wow both Lost sets are amazing! I really liked your Hawaii theme and color combo!