Monday, April 21, 2008

What's Brewing?

Hi!  Happy Monday!!  It's a gorgeous, much needed, sunny day here today and it sure has put a smile on my face!!  I've been a busy girl working on a bunch of cards this past weekend.  Feels good to be stamping again, it's been too long!

I've been eyeing this Inkadinkado Coffee Ring stamp and although some people are super clever about making their own coffee ring effects on cards, I like having it in a stamp, no fuss!!  I ordered it recently from Frugalities online and figured it would be a good match paired up with the A Muse Cafe stamp!

So, what IS brewing??  I thought I'd post a little question: since most of us are coffee lovers here in the NW, I'd love to know what your favorite coffee is when you order from your local coffee shop and if you don't drink coffee, what's your drink of choice??  I'm pretty predictable, I don't like hot drinks much (burned my tongue one too many times) so I go for a "grande 1 shot, 2 pump (of chocolate), iced mocha"!!  (Basically iced chocolate milk with a shot of coffee!!)  A kid at heart!! :D  Thankfully we have a pretty nice automatic espresso machine here at home so I can make one each morning to fill my craving!

Thanks for stopping by today!!

~Rhonda :D


Rachel Hope said...

Hey Chickie!!!! I love a plain old Latte at Starbucks...but I have recently been ordering the Honey Latte! YUMMMMM

Super cool card! I love that cup ring stamp

Tisha said...

Love this card! That coffee ring stamp is awesome!

I LOVE the Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks with nonfat milk! It's da bomb!

Katie said...

Too cute!

My drink at Starbuck's is an iced venti, 7 pump, non-fat, no-whip white chocolate mocha. That's heaven in a cup right there!

If I'm any place but Starbuck's then I just get a plain ol' iced white mocha, none of the extra steps! :)

Nancy said...

Such a cute card Rhonda! I am a fan of coffee cards! That coffee ring is a great touch. I don't know if I have an absolute favorite coffee drink, because I pretty much love them all, just a strong cup of coffee with cream (NO sugar) makes me VERY happy, but I do like Irish Creme Lattes, oh yeah, Kahlua lattes are yummy too, iced or hot :)

jenstamps said...

I love the coffee ring stamp and I don't even drink coffee. I do order the Chi Tea Lattes at Starbucks though. :)

Jennie M said...

Super cute card!! Love that coffee ring! My favorite drink is a Mocha Frappucino or a Java Chip Frappucino!! :)