Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Jewelry

Hello!! I hope you're all having a fun week! I'm anxiously awaiting some sunny weather that is supposed to hit this afternoon and last all weekend, temps in the 70's, 80's and possibly 90's?? This is a huge treat for us in the Seattle area, it has been YUCKY misty rain the last few days and mild temps for too long!! :D

I know this isn't stamping related, but still crafty, I thought I'd share some Mother's Day jewelry I made. Some 7 Gypsies Naked Bracelets I bought from Hope Stamps Eternal with pics of the grandkids for our parents and one for my sister with pics of her kids, using Chatterbox and Basicgrey patterned papers. (Sorry, one of the bracelets wasn't completed when I took the picture, I was waiting for one more photo to complete it). Also, some little Origami boxes and Candy Dishes to wrap them up in. Linda at the A Muse shop showed me how to make the Origami box on the left with the lid and I found a diagram online for the Candy Dishes. I used some various Basicgrey and Stampin Up patterned papers for those.

This next pic is a necklace and bracelet set I made for my MIL. She wears a lot of green and black so I know these are just the right colors for her.

I purchase a lot of my beads at a local bead shop called Bead Club but I also pick up beads here and there at Michaels or other crafty places if I see something I like. I really enjoy beading but don't do too much, mostly just earrings. I just got done making several pairs for my DD, she got her ears pierced last fall and is just now starting to wear some dangly ones here and there. I'm just worried they might get caught on something and rip out while she's playing!! :D The joys of being a worried mom!! :D

Have a wonderful day today!!  LOST is on tonight!! Woohoo!! Also, today is the first day to register for A*Muse-a-palooza!!! Make sure you sign up so you have a chance to win the weekly drawings!!



jenstamps said...

The photo bracelets are such a great idea!!! SO personal! I love the boxes you made to put them in too!

I love the necklace and bracelet set you made too. I would love to learn beading but I think my DH would die if I started another hobby! LOL

dawn said...

I love making bracelets and earrings too! Beautiful job!

Giovana said...

Your jewelry is so pretty!!!

God bless

Nancy said...

Hi Rhonda!! You have been a busy gal! I have A LOT of catching up to do on your blog. I'm so glad you shared these with us. I love seeing all crafty things, so it doesn't have to be a card :) These are gorgeous & thoughtful gifts & I just adore the boxes that you made too! Glad to hear your weather had been getting better for you. Wishing you a warm & relaxing Sunday!

Heather said...

These are very cool! I especially like the 7gypsies bracelets you added photos too! So neat!

Mandy said...

The jewelry looks great...AND I LOVE THE BOXES! :) What great presentation for your creations!